Coaching Tip On Successful Hitting  
                                                                The  Open  Stance

    When a batter approaches the plate get them to extend their Bat across the plate with their pull arm. Left arm for Righties, Right arm for Lefties. Extend  the Bat across the plate until the end of the Bat is even with the Black outside corner of the Plate. Too many Hitters stand too close to the plate allowing Pitchers to pitch under their hands when they swing, which makes the Ball almost impossible to Hit. Position the Batter back from the Plate so when they swing at a Strike, the Barrel  of the Bat will be in the Strike Zone. 
Positioning of the feet is also important to develop Power and Bat Speed . Position the players front foot at least 12" behind the back foot. By front foot, we mean the foot closest to the pitcher, left for Right Hand Hitters, Right for Left Hand Hitters. This accomplishes two things: 1) the Batters Head is in Position to see the Pitch with Both Eyes. When your feet are squared up , Hitters are really just seeing the Ball with One Eye. 2) This gets the Batters Hips Open which generates Power and Bat Speed.
Technique- With the front foot back the Batter must step back in towards the Plate to where the Ball is Pitched. Teach to Hit the Ball according to the Pitch. Outside Pitches should be Hit to the Opposite Field. Right Field For Right Handed Hitters, Left  Field for left Handed Hitters . Inside Pitch should be Pulled, to Left Field for Right Handed Hitters, Right Field for Left Handed Hitters. Pitch down the middle of the Plate should be hit up the middle.
Legs should be spread slightly beyond shoulder width, when the Batter swings they should  drive forward with the hips,back leg stiff, then transfer weight to the front leg which also should be stiff. A lot of times the front leg collapses which causes a lot of pop outs and ground balls .
I hope this will be of some help to you as you Coach your team and/or your son or daughter in the art of Hitting.         

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Baseball Psychology - To be an effective Hitter you must Learn How to Think. You must see yourself hitting the ball before you ever get in the Batters Box.
To be an effective Hitter you must learn how to deal with failure. If you get to Bat 10 times and get 4 Hits ,statistically your average is .400 and that's great. However you have failed 6 times to get a hit. You have got to learn to put those failures behind you and forget about it. You may have games where you go 0 for 4, forget about it and make a goal to go 3 for 4 the next game. If you dwell on your failures you are creating a recipe to fail and get into a slump. If you get in a slump, work even harder, take more reps in the batting cage, do more mental visualization ( see yourself hitting the Baseball ). Develop a tough mental philosophy towards hitting and forget about past failures.